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Spring on the Road

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Did you know?

Private sellers may know that the amount of mileage on their vehicles will go a long way toward determining their asking price, but they may not know that certain mileage milestones can affect how prospective buyers view their automobiles. For example, savvy buyers know that manufacturer warranties tend to expire after three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. That may make a vehicle less attractive to buyers or inspire buyers to ask that the price of an extended warranty be deducted from the asking price of the vehicle. Another important mileage marker to consider is the 60,000-mile marker. Upon reaching 60,000 miles, many vehicles need certain upgrades, including new brakes. Sellers who wish to unload their preowned vehicle as quickly as possible may want to make these upgrades prior to selling their vehicles and showcase the service records to prospective buyers. If not, sellers should be flexible with their asking price, as buyers are likely to know that significant maintenance could be just around the corner for a vehicle that has exceeded the 60,000 mile mark.