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Things to consider when choosing a hotel for your guests

Couples must make a host of decisions when they decide to tie the knot. For those couples having a more traditional wedding, the choice of accommodations for guests is one of the bigger decisions to make, especially if many of your guests will be coming from out of town.

On the surface, finding a hotel for your guests might seem as simple as locating a place that offers the most competitive rate. But while price is important, there are many additional factors couples must consider when choosing a hotel to ensure their guests' stay is as accommodating as possible.


Location is perhaps the foremost factor for couples to consider when finding a hotel for their wedding guests. Though cost is important, the location of the hotel should be weighed more heavily than the nightly rate. A more affordable hotel in the middle of nowhere is far less convenient for guests than spending a few extra dollars per night on a room. That's especially true for a wedding with many out-of-town guests who may or may not be renting a vehicle while they are in town. The hotel should be within reasonable proximity to the site of the ceremony and the reception venue.


Getting guests to and from your wedding and reception is another factor to consider when choosing accommodations for your guests. A hotel that provides shuttle service to and from the ceremony and reception can be very convenient for guests and the couple, who won't have to worry about how their guests who won't be driving will get from the hotel to the venue. Many hotels even provide shuttle service to nearby airports for their guests, which can save guests money on cab fare when the time comes for them to head back home.

Proximity to nightlife

While the guests will be partying long after the sun has gone down on the night of your wedding, many will want to hit the town the night before the wedding as well. Weddings have a way of turning into reunions, both for families and friends, and that often makes the night before the wedding just as fun as the wedding reception. When comparing accommodations for your guests, look for a hotel that has nightlife within walking distance. This can range from a hotel with several restaurants nearby to a hotel in the heart of a bustling city home to both restaurants and nightclubs or bars. Many couples tend to spend the night before their wedding enjoying a rehearsal dinner with their parents and members of the bridal party, so finding a hotel that allows guests to enjoy a night on the town without venturing too far from the hotel is a thoughtful gesture your guests are sure to appreciate.

Proximity to other hotels

Some hotels will only block off so many rooms per wedding party. So couples with larger guest lists might want to look for a hotel that's close to other hotels and establish smaller blocks at various hotels rather than one large block at just one hotel. This gives guests options with regard to their accommodations, and when the hotels are close to one another, it's still easy for guests to get in touch with friends or family members who are also attending the wedding but might be staying at another hotel.


Though cost should not be the deciding factor when arranging for lodging for your guests, it definitely merits substantial consideration. That's even more true if many of your guests will be coming from out of town. Out-of-town guests will have to pay to travel to your wedding, so you should look for a hotel with a reasonable rate to mitigate the costs of that travel. Guests might not want to stay in a rundown motel, so look for a nice hotel that won't require guests to extend their finances more than they already will be doing just to get to the wedding.

Couples about to tie the knot should prioritize finding affordable and convenient accommodations for their guests.