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How your guests can get around

Couples have a lot of factors competing for attention when planning their weddings. From finding a reception venue to choosing the menu to pinpointing the perfect honeymoon destination, couples must make many decisions on their way to becoming man and wife.

One decision that's easily overlooked is how guests will get around come the weekend of the wedding. This is an especially important consideration for couples whose guest list includes many out-of-town guests that will be flying in for the festivities. Though the bride- and groom-to-be typically will not have to pay for their guests' transportation all weekend long, it can be considerate for couples to share a variety of transportation options with their guests prior to the big day. The following are a handful of ways guests might be able to get around town come the weekend of your wedding.

Public transportation

Public transportation is arguably the most affordable way for guests to get around. And in larger, more densely populated cities, public transportation is often the most practical option as well. If your wedding will be taking place in a big city, provide a basic rundown of the public transportation options available in that city, including a bus schedule or a map of the subway system. These can be linked to a wedding Web site or included in the welcome bag awaiting guests at the hotel. Couples getting married in a larger city may also want to choose a hotel that is close to public transportation so guests can easily get to and fro throughout the weekend.

Rental car agencies

Major airports all include rental car kiosks where arriving passengers can reserve a vehicle for the duration of their trip. But renting directly from an airport agency is typically more expensive than renting from an off-airport site. Couples who want to save their guests some money can provide their guests with a list of off-airport rental car agencies with more competitive rates. Such agencies may even pick your guests up at the airport. If not, guests might be able to take a shuttle to their hotels before picking up their rental car from a nearby agency.

Taxi service

If your wedding reception and Friday night meet-up will be taking place in close proximity to each other, then your guests may not even need to arrange for their own transportation. A taxi service to and from the airport might be all the transportation they need for the weekend. When planning activities for the weekend, make an effort to keep everything within walking distance of the hotel so your out-of-town guests won't have to face more expenses.

Shuttle service

Whether your guests are traveling far and wide to attend your wedding or live right around the corner from the venue, it's best to arrange for shuttle service to and from the ceremony and reception for any guests staying at the hotel. This ensures no one gets lost on the way to and from the ceremony or reception, and it's also a way to ensure guests make it home safe after a reception where alcohol was being served.

Though couples have many decisions to make, it's important that they not overlook how their guests will get around come the weekend of the wedding.