Holiday Gift Guide

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Unique gift ideas for the family globetrotter

A passion for traveling leads many people to go abroad and experience other cultures or explore the sites closer to home. Those with an avid traveler in their midst can tie into this love of exploring and give travel-themed gifts.

Gifting the family globetrotter is not always easy, however. Travelers tend to bring home mementos of their trips and make it seem as if they already have everything they need. Gifts purchased at the local store may seem to pale in comparison to more exotic trinkets. But gifting travelers doesn't have to be difficult. The following gifts should make great gifts for your favorite adventurer this holiday season.

* Travel journal: Many people love to document their trips, describing journeys to exotic locales or simply a family trip to a nearby campground. Travel journals make great gifts for those travelers who want more than just visual memories of their trip. Be sure to buy a journal that's sturdy enough to handle all the bumps and bruises that accompany a nomadic lifestyle. Leatherbound or hardcover journals should suffice.

* Travel kit: Travelers know the value of a good travel kit, which can help them freshen up during long layovers at the airport or once they arrive at their destinations. In addition, a travel kit allows travelers to pack some of the comforts of home, such as moisturizer, shaving gel or a particular type of toothpaste, that might not be readily available at their destinations. When gifting a travel kit, place some of those favorite products, such as travel-size mouthwash or some luxury moisturizing creams, inside the kit for a special gift-within-the-gift.

* Noise-cancelling headphones: A set of noise-cancelling headphones is a gift no globetrotter should go without. These headphones reduce ambient noise and can make it easier to doze off comfortably on a flight or to enjoy a music playlist while sightseeing in a busy city.

* Maps: Domestic travelers may be able to rely on their smartphones for directions, but overseas travelers may need to keep their phones off when traveling overseas to avoid heavy surcharges. In such instances, maps make great gifts, especially if you find out in advance where your special traveler will be visiting next and gift a map of that particular locale.

* Gas card: For some, the joy of travel stems from getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road. If that's true of your favorite travel afficionado, consider a gas card that can alleviate some of the cost of his or her next trip. Gift cards to filling stations can be purchased in just about any denomination, and your loved one will appreciate their free pass at the pump on their next road trip.