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Smelly fireplace?

After a long season of use, fireplaces need to be cleaned. Many homeowners think this is a job that can be put off until the fall, but spring is an ideal season to have the chimney and flue cleaned and inspected. One reason to include scrubbing the chimney as part of spring cleaning is to cut down on odor. After using a fireplace, a buildup of creosote forms in the chimney. As the weather gets warmer, creosote deposits can start to smell sour and that odor will seep into the home. In addition, moisture can mix with the creosote and start to degrade the flue liner, necessitating costly repairs. The sooner a chimney and flue are cleaned the better. A chimney sweep can do a thorough job of scrubbing down the chimney and fireplace and ensuring that everything will be in working order come next season.