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St. Patrick's Day

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Irish baby names

Expecting parents whose child is likely to arrive on or near St. Patrick's Day may want to give the child a traditional Irish name to commemorate the occasion. There are several different and beautiful names to give both boys and girls. The following are some traditional Irish monikers and the meanings behind the names.


Aidan (Aiden): little fire

Airell: nobleman

Artan: little bear

Banagher: pointed hill

Barry: fair-haired

Bradan: salmon

Brendan: prince

Brennan: sorrow

Brian: high, noble

Cagney: descendant of the advocate

Dugan: dark-colored

Ennis: descendant of Angus

Faolan: wolf

Fearghus: strong man

Finn: fair

Finnegan: white

Gannon: son of a fair-haired one

Kellan: son of a bright-haired one

Kevin: handsome

Neal: champion

Oscar: deer lover

Rafferty: abundance

Seamus: supplanter

Tiernan: little lord


Aideen: little fire

Aine: merciful

Aislin: dream

Bidelia: exalted

Brianna: high, noble

Bridget: lofty

Caitlin: pure

Cassidy: curly-haired

Dympna: little fawn

Elish: of noble kin

Erin: Ireland

Faylinn: graceful woman

Fiana: vine

Finola: fair-shouldered

Kaitlyn: pure

Kathleen: pure

Keira: black-haired

Kerri: dark

Maeve: intoxicating

Naomh: holy

Noreen: honor

Roisin: rose

Siobhan: God is gracious

Tara: tower