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Spring on the Road

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Buying & Selling

Fun amenities to consider for your next vehicle

Today's automobiles come with more gadgets than ever before. New car buyers can now choose from a host of amenities geared toward making...

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The first steps toward financing your next vehicle

When purchasing a new car, many buyers decide to finance rather than buying the car outright. Financing allows drivers the opportunity to...

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Things you may not know about leasing a car

Many people prefer leasing an automobile to buying one, and leasing can be more advantageous than buying in various ways. For example,...

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Factors to consider when looking for a new car

Spring is a season of rebirth, and this rejuvenating time of year can be a great time for motorists to reexamine their vehicles and start...

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How to protect your car’s resale value

Few drivers start thinking about resale value when driving a new car off of the dealership lot for the first time. Still enamored with that...

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How to detect odometer fraud

Preowned car buyers looking to buy from private sellers rather than dealerships typically understand that such an approach can be risky....

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Did you know?

Private sellers may know that the amount of mileage on their vehicles will go a long way toward determining their asking price, but they...

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Learning car dealership terminology can make buying a car less intimidating

Many industries have their own lexicon, and the automotive industry is no exception. Prospective car buyers may visit a dealership and hear...

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