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Spring on the Road

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Weekend road trip tips

A long weekend provides the perfect opportunity to hop into the car and embark on a road trip. Sometimes it doesn't take an extended...

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Great apps drivers can use

Smartphones are a convenient tool that few people can now imagine living without. Smartphone-toting moms and dads know they always have a...

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Paint versus car wrap options

Over time a car's exterior can fade or suffer some dings and dents. Before owners sell or trade in their rides for something new, investing...

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Small engines may have big futures

The move is on to produce more fuel-efficient automobiles. Although alternative fuels have garnered significant publicity in recent years,...

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Simple ways to save at the pump

The cost of fuel dipped in 2014, but drivers are still looking for ways to spend less at the pump. For many drivers, that means driving...

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Why a clean air filter is important in your vehicle

Motorists routinely check their tires for proper inflation, top off engine fluid levels and maintain oil change schedules. But some drivers...

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Warning signs a tire is about to go flat

Few drivers will be fortunate enough to go their entire driving lives without encountering at least one flat tire. Flat tires range from...

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