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Spring Home

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How to cut costs on your home improvement project

Over the last several decades, more and more homeowners have embraced the notion that homes need not all be alike, and that an individual's...

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Sealing a driveway can extend its life

Installing an asphalt or a concrete driveway can be an expensive undertaking. To preserve the fresh, new look of the driveway, have the...

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9 ways to improve curb appeal

Homeowners who want their homes to make strong first impressions must prioritize curb appeal. Homes with strong curb appeal sell well and...

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Equip your home with a sump pump and backup battery

In 2012, hundreds of miles of coastline along the northeastern United States were battered and decimated due to Hurricane Sandy. More than...

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Improve your home and diet with a vegetable garden

Planting a garden can add aesthetic appeal and functionality to a property. Vegetable gardens can transform landscapes while putting...

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Home improvement glossary

Understanding the terminology used in the home improvement and construction industries can help homeowners be better informed and involved...

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Lighting sets the stage for outdoor fun

Tis the season for making changes in and around the home. The arrival of warmer weather renews homeowners' vigor for various home...

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