School Year

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Building a strong parent-teacher relationship

Once a school year begins, many students spend more time in the classroom with their teachers than they do at home with their parents....

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Helping college students choose the right major

Picking a college major is a big step for young students. Though many adults eventually find themselves working in fields that have little...

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Kids can play safe when participating in sports

The spring sports season is a popular time for school-aged children. After a few months of being cooped up indoors, many kids are ready to...

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Extracurricular activities need not involve sports

Rare is the child today who returns home immediately after school. Many school-aged children now have busier schedules than their parents....

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Recognizing ADHD in children

As kids watch their last few days of summer vacation slowly slip away, their parents are preparing them for a return to the classroom. Some...

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Establishing a positive homework environment for your student

Though it might not be something students look forward to, homework is an essential element of the learning process. Homework allows kids...

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