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Spring Home

How to cut costs on your home improvement project

Over the last several decades, more and more homeowners have embraced the notion that homes need not all be alike, and that an individual's...

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Home improvement glossary

Understanding the terminology used in the home improvement and construction industries can help homeowners be better informed and involved...

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Caution necessary when painting indoors

Few people might think of potential safety hazards when planning to paint the interiors of their homes. Though every home improvement...

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Improving attic ventilation benefits the roof and more

Homeowners are often interested in projects to improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes, particularly those that may increase the curb...

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Home improvement tips learned the hard way

'Tis the season for home improvement projects, and weekend warriors will soon be visiting home supply retailers to buy everything from...

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Ideas on restoring secondhand furniture

Men and women furnish their homes and apartments in various ways. For some, home furnishings are an extension of their personalities, while...

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