Think Green

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How to be an eco-conscious pet owner

Owning a pet is often a rewarding responsibility. Pets make for loyal friends, and for every late night walk in the cold pet owners must...

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Go green and save money at the same time

Since the economic downturn that began in 2008, many men and women have placed a greater emphasis on saving money. Downsizing a home or...

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7 fast ways to go green today

Individuals may not be able to reverse global climate change on their own, nor can one person working alone prevent a species of animal...

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Preowned items can be good for the environment

Purchasing used items may be good for the wallet, but such purchases also can benefit the environment. Used items go on sale every day,...

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What are consignment shops?

Consignment stores have grown in popularity in recent years, particularly among bargain hunters. In addition to offering great deals, such...

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How to make your exercise routine eco-friendly

Daily exercise is a great way for men and women to stay healthy and improve their quality of life. Studies have shown that men and women...

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